About Us

Put us in any situation, and we will likely find you a solution.​

Nomad Concepts Group and Subsidiaries are a dynamic and unique international development humanitarian response organisation strongly underpinned by great partners, supply chains, sound sustainable financial and trade platforms. We are able to deliver and mobilise world wide seeking out interests and opportunities for others and for our own rapidly growing portfolio. Nomad Concepts Group performs well in new frontiers especially emerging markets, post-disaster & post conflict-affected countries. We do this by navigating potential barriers, working with key stakeholders, building relationships and trust. Our in-country or deployable teams, not excluding our regional headquarters staff, are skilled at identifying needs, interests and opportunities within a broad spectrum of sectors.

– Chairman Nomad Concepts Group

Meet the Directors


Benjamin Robert Slater

Chairman & Founder
Benjamin is a established international businessman mainly focused on emerging markets, industry, infrastructure and trade. He has a vast portfolio across many sectors and companies working in Europe, United States of America and Developing countries. Through these ventures he has delivered change, exploited market gaps and generated jobs and raised finance in regions that are usually considered difficult. Being a strong women’s inclusion advocate, hands on humanitarian, philanthropist and innovator he is very active. Benjamin has always been a major driver in a multitude of ventures, especially within the Asia and Mena region. He is an outside the box thinker, motivated, sees the gaps, identifies opportunity swiftly and delivers.

Michael Di Forio

Chief Financial Officer - CFO
Michael is an established international trade and finance executive, after seeing successful growth of his ventures, he decided to put his strong experience in trading of commodities internationally complimented with his strong financing background to good use. He founded Saint Eagle Ventures LLC with Benjamin and aligned under Nomad Concepts Group. Utilizing his expertise, leverage his vast network and business acumen to support growth and head up the USA based office of Nomad Concepts Group. Michael has been working hard to mobilize into other sectors constantly moving with markets both emerging and enduring and has built a good portfolio and contributed to the thriving and trusted Nomad Concepts Group it is today.

Peter Hill

Chief Operations Officer - COO
Peter holds extensive experience worldwide across a variety of sectors to include, infrastructure planning, risk assessing, creative financing, trade in commodities, strong logistics and security support for commodity and personal safety based mobilizations to name a few. Peters extensive experience from both the private sector, corporate social responsibility initiatives and elite military are key drivers in the way he professionally conducts business on behalf of Nomad Concepts Group (NCG). With a solutions based mentality with a can do attitude, he is at the beating heart of our corporate group and global operations.

Meet the Team

Corporate Assistant to Chairman NCG
Nabila is an experienced future leader, studying a degree in business and economics, with interest in future politics. Within NCG has demonstrated and promoted already significant changes in Afghanistan and has been detrimental in NCG humanitarian & business activities. Working as a Corporate Assistant to an international company and Chairman covering business and corporate social work in Afghanistan, USA, Nepal soon Pakistan & Africa. She has Implemented and raised funding for our international trade platforms. She is an asset to the NCG Group and the Headquarters. Her appetite for business complimented with her strong focus on women’s business and economy outcomes aligns her well within the Groups values and goals.
Central / South Asia Portfolio Manager
Shamim has been working and growing within the Group since early 2020 supporting our group navigating the pandemic. He is a strong and dynamic business leader, already at his relatively young age he has already mobilised two companies, one that is under the Nomad Concepts Group (NCG) that was his brainchild and brought to market directly with the Chairman. He is very active and reliable for NCG within the Central and South Asia region. He is part of our emerging team and is mobilising on behalf of the directors to new frontiers to include India. Shamin is an asset to our international development sectors and shares the group's drive and ambition to deliver.
Projects Administration
Karima is a motivated and effective middle manager in the project context working within our headquarters. Understanding what needs to be done and with a calm professional leadership style, NCG is comfortable in our project mobilizations with Karima at the forefront.
NCG Europe and Central Asia Representative
Sajia is an experianced entrepreneur and businesswoman. Currently located in Germany and covering our key European interests and clients from there, she is a highly capable and valued asset to the Nomad Concepts Group (NCG). Utilizing her experience in business, working with youth programmes and recently being a lead member on various committees promoting change internationally, Sajia continues to drive successful outcomes for NCG.
NCG Business Development Representative United States, Africa & Pakistan

Tunji is a motivated and effective marketing and sales manager. Understanding what needs to be done complimented with a professional sales and leadership style, he delivers results. Representing NCG on three continents, utilizing his vast rola deck and sound approach he is a major driver in NCG business in multiple sectors.
Operations and Logistics Supervisor
Zarlasht brings vast experience, mainly in private sector procurement, logistics and infrastructure and rapid uplift/office based mobilizations, and is a vital part in the NCG team. Able to organize and lead problem solving initiatives with her team, she facilitates swift and efficient mobilization and implementation.
Mandated Representative - Central Asia
Shazia is an experienced sales representative and representative for Nomad Concepts Group (NCG) in central asia and beyond. Being based within a strategic region for NCG with responsibilities, mandate authorisation and permissions granted by the NCG board she is a vital trusted member of NCG. Shazia works within the sales, trading and finance sectors under NCG covering portfolios within central asia and Internationally.
Admin Officer & Business Development - Tajikistan - Central Asia
Kwogha is experienced in Communications administration and finance worker and an accomplished graduate with a degree in business and administration. She has good experience from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India especially in the private sectors. A forward motivated creative thinking and motivated person she has been at the forefront of the NCG HQ administration, prior to the Covid 19 pandemic and delivers high standard support to the office functioning, reporting to the senior team.
Finance / Admin & Communications Supervisor
Monisa is experienced in administration and finance and an accomplished graduate with a degree in economics. She has good experience from the private and public sectors working within central Asia. A forward thinking and motivated person she has been at the forefront of the NCG mobilizations and delivers high quality communications and reporting to our, clients, donors, investors and stakeholders.
Mr. Rabi
Country Operations Manager, Access & Safety – Central Asia
Rabi being educated in the United States and having vast experience in logistics and safety gained from the private and NGO sectors he is a strong addition to NCG team, supporting the efforts to deliver the difficult and promote positive change now and into the future. Rabi supports the Group and Headquarters Directly with access and safety to include liaison with donors and organizations.