Access New Frontiers

“We navigate and open new opportunity for you, Working together towards a better, brighter economic & more sustainable future”

We are offering our own on the ground and deeply rooted capacities, teams and consultants, complemented with links to larger group companies and access to Global finance. We identify and access opportunities by unlocking the door within many emerging market economies of developing nations deemed ripe with opportunity. We are an agile, trusted, robust, expeditionary investment and emerging market specialist business group. Even within the most challenging contexts, we operate. This puts us heads and shoulders above the competition in the ability to engage opportunity.

We specialize not only within emerging markets but are also comfortable working within difficult and complex countries. Frontier Concepts also navigate and assess geopolitical situations, conflict and post-disaster locations, making us a unique company brand in this sector. Being able to identify risks and key drivers that may affect an economy and possible shifts left or right. Our ethos remains clear that we are willing to consider, navigate and exploit what most would avoid. We see opportunity as opportunity and offset risk with reward for our clients, hedge funds and investment groups. We are not afraid also to use our own money.

We work in countries that are becoming more engaged with global markets as it grows. We identify and mobilize into Countries classified as emerging market economies with some, but not all, of the characteristics of a developed market. We have over the past several years identified emerging market economy progress as they typically become more integrated with the global economy. Our senior team identifies this if a country/region has shown increased liquidity in local debt or equity markets, increased trade volume and foreign direct investment. A key driver for us is also increased security and the domestic development of modern financial and regulatory institutions or sound in-country banking. Currently, some notable emerging market economies we are significantly engaged within India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Pakistan, China. After the plight of Covid 19 we will re-engage within Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Papua New Guinea.

Critically, an emerging market economy is transitioning from a low income, less developed, often pre-industrial economy towards a modern, industrial economy with a higher standard of living. This is what Frontier Concepts is at the forefront of exploiting such opportunities delivering a minimum of 20% return on investment for our own investors, clients and hedge funds we work on behalf of.