Brokerage & Consultancy

Our international and senior team, naturally like most established international companies especially with trading and finance capabilities, have vast networks in varied commodities to include fuel, art, gold and minerals, trade and finance sectors not to exclude relationships with key decision makers within countries. At Nomad Concepts Group we have brokered and been apart of multiple large transactions and continue to act as a trusted intermediary or 3rd parties when the ‘deal’ requires. Our experience to date includes results within the fuel, life sciences, infrastructure, investments, manufacturing and finance sectors very recently the trading and selling of BitCoin Wallets.

We are currently engaged on three large brokered contracts and a significant PPE glove production contract, that will be enduring for the next 2-3 years. Proving our capacities and deliverables. 

We estimate that by late 2021/2023 our investment into new companies & fuel brokerage sector will increase five fold whilst maintain our current enduring contracts across our commodities and trade. We like many realize when you are successful in certain trade sectors and ‘real’ you are never short of customers or interested RWA clients.