NCG manages and mobilizes construction projects professionally, swiftly and cost-effectively on behalf of a customer and/or organization. We work mainly on implementing projects in excess of 10,000,000 USD. We have been engaged throughout our history on different projects to include Roads, Bridges, Rail, Housing, Schools, Security upgrades for buildings and hospitals, to name a few. Our ethos when implementing large or medium scale projects is to dedicate time and planning to deliver benefits for the local communities located near the project sites.

We manage and monitor all our projects closely utilizing our senior current and competent in country of operation teams and/or local or international subject matter experts (SME). We do this by physically employing said SME under the group or subcontracting and outsourcing. We prefer the latter.

For your peace of mind, if NCG has subcontracted to a company or is working with a local partner, particularly in a developing country for a technical part of a build, NCG still oversees the progress and work in cooperation, managing them and keeping the momentum and deliverables on the agreed frameworks.

NCG used modern, innovative and traditional building methods where required, remaining flexible throughout the build. If required we can reach a mutual compromise with a customer or client, community or government to benefit and complete project objectives.

Design, Build and Plan – We can design the dream or facility you wish to build and can provide architectural and design support. We have several Architects we utilize who understand our standards and adopt the same flexibility as NCG. They understand things and situations can change and react swiftly with us. Our internal and out sourced companies can deliver comprehensive 3D electronic presentations, building plans and even Scale 3D manually and tangible built models for you to utilize in briefings or just to look awesome in the office.

‘We relish the opportunity to build your legacy, things that will remain long after we are gone