Finance & Investments

“Nomad Concepts Group” incorporates a specialist business and investment company focusing on emerging markets and unique opportunities. NCG has ‘emerge teams’ in Florida, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and India. Primarily we have been investing in markets and businesses to include startups across South and Central Asia and moving into 2022-2023 will be pushing more into India from the heart of Asia and seeking more opportunities in the Africa’s. 

“We work to support enterprise, mobilize, implement and offer financial support for emerging or proven brands, business and markets to generate commercial returns by investing in market gaps or leaders that have the potential to shape sectors of the economy.”   

The Chairman

Leading on from emerging markets we can organize and propose projects and initiatives for investments, both small, medium size and large. Our experience ranges from raising funds for businesses, sustainable development and environmental initiatives leading to major infrastructure projects most are linked to the benefit of economy, job creation or benefit humanity. We can organize risk and support investments and mobilize such project even in not so desirable locations as long as the country of interest shows some or all of the latter explained in our emerging markets capabilities. Going into 2021/2023 we would of successfully supported and raised approximately 327,000,000 USD for businesses, NGOs and Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Real Estate projects in developing countries and developed countries.