Environmental projects and initiatives

We take the effects of oil and mineral exploitation and large construction project implementations very seriously. We are aware of the causes that we as the population of this planet contribute to environmental issues and climate change. We relish the opportunities to implement environmental damage reducing programmes or consultancy to funded projects and initiatives. Our team constantly realises and develops new ideas or improving systems already in place with our affiliated and chaired environmental NGO. Following the advice, we have already implemented how companies and organisations can reduce their footprint and reduce their contribution to the carbon footprint. We are set to launch the free bin with recycling directives projecin parts of Central Asia and have plans to take our organisational central Asia NGO office off-grid utilising solar power and move towards developing water recycling. We encourage that our partners and staff follow suit as much as possible. 

‘If we work together and at least try to counteract or reduce some of our footprint, we can make a difference no matter how slight, everything has an impact.