Evacuation & Charter Flight Services


Evacuation and Repatriation Services
Nomad Concepts Group has enduring relationships and capability to provide Two (2) CHALLENGER 601 EXTENDED RANGE Aircraft for rapid Evacuation and Repatriation Services within Difficult Contexts and Hostile Airports. We can mobilize swiftly and have capability to Land into Kabul Collect up to 10x passengers Per aircraft and Take off and Fly to either UAE, Tajikistan, India, China and Turkey.


The Service
We provide allowance of up to 10 x passengers per aircraft, In flight meal and water, 30KG of luggage TOTAL PER PERSON.

NCG Headquarters will organize the liaison and exit with Aviation authority and Airports Security providing a full turnkey service.

Medivac Conversion

Within our fleet we have the swift option to convert to Medivac configuration to carry or repatriate patients, injured and medical staff. This includes stabilization equipment, secure beds, trauma equipment, medication and intravenous fluids.

Armored Car Evacuation, Mobile Safety & Rental

On Land Armored Vehicle Evacuation and Repatriation Services

Nomad Concepts Group can provide rapid assistance to enter a location collect and move out your staff or representatives from within Afghanistan and Securely move the clients to an Airport or Secure area.

Armored Car Rental

We have multiple registered and legal Armored fleet of approx. 40x B6 Standard armored vehicles for short term and Long term Rentals. We can also provide drivers and armed escorts if required. All registered and Licensed with the MOI and Relevant Agencies.

Close Protection and Mobile Protection – OPERATIONS + TRAINING + PROTOCOL

Nomad can provide Adhoc (Short term), rapid request and enduring close protection services, mobile security support and training for clients and organizations. With our Ex Elite British and American military highly trained and experienced personnel, we provide a high standard. We have worked in most kinetic countries to include Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa’s and Caribbean. We have providing these services in country’s of conflict and disaster for high net worth individuals, organizations, companies and media.

Safety and Security Training


Nomad Concepts Group has provided internationally and within Afghanistan Safety training in way of our version of HEAT Training, driving, static locations and medical. We certify and have provided our courses to over 350 NGO staff from ECHO, Afghan Aid