We Assist & Repond Where Many Cannot

Humanitarian Support

Nomad Concepts Group has a vast proven capability to implement, procure, import and distribute worldwide swiftly humanitarian response services and products. We Have Demonstrated in multiple countries and contexts flexibility and adaptability to deliver and support our stakeholder Humanitarian Response Objectives


Our established operational supply chains and manufacturing can deliver worldwide from our stocks – UNHCR & SPHERE standard products of:

Tents – Tarpaulins – Winterisation Kits – WASH products – Mosquito Nets – Blankets – Cooking/Heating Stoves

We deliver lifesaving response, non food items, technical advisory and equipment for needs in the harshest and most demanding environments, whether it be post disaster or conflict. We can respond within 92 Hours.

We are driven by purpose, supplying shelter, core relief items, multipurpose UNHCR and SPHERE standard specification tents & non food items globally to Agencies, NGOs and international organisations worldwide. As a growing key player in the humanitarian community, we strongly embrace responsible business practices, corporate social responsibility & choose the most sustainable and cost effective and efficient supply chain delivery.

Hard to Access Technical Implementation:

We have experience doing the difficult accessing cut off areas, high elevation locations for implementing help or response. We do this mainly to support humanitarian outcomes. However we do mirror these capabilities for sustainable development and post reconstruction requirements, technical programmes, such as rural livelihoods, electrification, construction, extractive industries etc.

Earthquake/Flood/Hurricane Clearance & Reconstruction Operations: 

Nomad have the capacity to support clearance and reconstruction operations in post disaster and conflict areas, through a range of Subject Matter Experts and with the support of our logistics network and robust engineering and construction capabilities.

Supporting you:

Nomad can take responsibility for delivering YOUR objectives in way of subcontract per say by deploying our specialist teams, managing and monitoring trained teams in the provinces of Afghanistan. These segments of projects often contain the most risk (to finances, timelines and overall achievements). Nomad’s teams can take care of recruitment, payroll, training and quality control, giving your organisation the confidence to proceed.