Capability – NCG originally started as a logistics company and over the years has built supply chains that are second to none as well as assets and relationships such as fleet to move cargo especially within Asia and India. We have access to aircraft and through partnership a TRIPPLE A DHL Account. Our ingenuity and capacity to get things done is unrivalled we have even looked at history and used Donkeys for some of our construction of earthquake resilient homes we implemented in the mountains on Tibetan border after the earthquake in Nepal.

Delivery/Distribution – NCG is always considering innovative methods to get products and equipment to where its needed; for example where we delivered De-Mining equipment to remote areas, provided armoured vehicles in a conflict area and delivered non food items and shelter to refugees and returnees during the refugee crisis. More recently we had to get creative moving Covid PPE out of China when there was difficulties with Geo Politics between China and USA. 

Procurement – NCG Procures for clients and our own projects within our own supply chains however we do not compromise on quality as some of these items can have life support or life saving applications. We conduct rigorous due diligence and quality checks before we make any purchase with our own internal procurement team. We have established good methods and good relationships with supply complimented by the integrity of our procurement teams we especially enforced in developing countries where trust can be an issue.

Warehousing – We have organized or planned in most countries we engage substantial warehousing locations to utilizer uplift when required. This became very pertinent during the Covid response efforts. Since we have developed capacity’s to also build swiftly warehousing units upon project of customer request. This same template we also use for building our manufacturing facilities.

Utilities – We have on multiple occasions delivered carpentry, electrical and plumbing works in support of especially construction where we have not been the prime contractor. Every country we work I we establish the best trade, skilled workers we can source and if we see there is a deficit we will train our own for a specific task. We did this in Afghanistan where we required a higher standard of electrical work when supporting an embassy on a small utilities contract.

PPE Logistics – Since the beginning of the unfortunate pandemic of Covid-19 we have established solid supply chains and logistics to move vast amounts of Covid 19 PPE product internationally, we were initially engaged with the WHO to supply but unfortunately their procurement procedure did not align with the rest of the world especially the manufacturers, we mainly supply private groups and hospital groups.  Our main routes are China, Vietnam and Thailand to USA or Europe however now have good relationships to identify and transport PPE ‘On The Ground within the USA and Mexico’