Manufacturing Facility Turnkey Solutions

“We are keen to work with stakeholders and the government to create jobs, boost the economy and create exports, Lets make it in your country!”

Chairman NCG

We have been mobilized world wide on several occasions in the past five years mainly in post-disaster and post-conflict countries and more recently in developed countries and two emerging markets to explore manufacturing and export opportunities for our clients. We have been tasked to mobilize, build and develop manufacturing facilities to include leather production and drying manufacturing, sanitary pad manufacturing facilities. Most recently is the engagement to build two nitrile glove production factories within America, Europe and Asia. 

In Africa we have been strongly engaged to mobilize and support licensing and land purchase for Medical Marijuana Farms,we do this by supporting our clients and investors with navigating land ownership, licensing and prefered rates for export.

Future of this sector: Nomad Concepts Group is now firmly focused in the coming 5 years on building, owning and operating multiple manufacturing facilities. Our main ambition at our senior management an investor level, is the owning and operating of water bottling plants either owned, invested and operated by our group.