NFT: What NCG can do

On behalf of our clients, artists, companies, crypto currency owners and traders, we can work with you or on your behalf in the emerging and rapidly growing market – NFT linked to Block Blockchain and Crypto currency sectors. 


NFTs have been a cultural phenomenon throughout 2021, constantly making headlines as celebrities dabble in the space and as known, there can be scams and some legal fights. Nomad Concepts Group can help you navigate this. We are currently organizing our platforms and mint engines to make them easier to understand for our clients as it can be a minefield. 

With some creators and traders making vast sums from this sector, it’s understandable that you would want to try your hand at it or play around with the tech to get a better feel for it. We have the developers and experienced people from the industry under Nomad Concepts Group to take the headache away.

We can:

  1. Help you Develop / Create your one off NFT or NFT collection (animated, GIF or MP4).
  2. Mint your individual NFT or Collection in bulk to link it to blockchain
  3. Promote your NFT collection
  4. Purchase and Sell on your behalf
  5. Develop NFTs to market your products or services 
  6. P2P is also available
  7. We operate on our python script
  8. We can develop smart contracts on ethereum and other crypto block chains
  9. Convert your property real estate to crypto NFT so your home can be converted into an NFT or brought/sold in crypto digital DEED supported by digital underwritten contract
  10. We have our own mint engine