Physical Commodities Trading & Mining

We Physically trade commodities in addition to oil and gas in different regions, to include Gold Bullion, Gold Dory, Saffron, Precious stones and Scorpion Venom. We are planning at the latter part of 20222023 to move into the Agricultural commodities market with an initial plan to export more saffron & pomegranate from central Asia. Our group is located in strategic countries and locations world wide whether an established office or country representative. We have our own access to physical commodities in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

To expand we trade in the ‘
Physical’ commodities that are the fundamental raw materials that underpin the global economy. We trade in vast quantities across the globe. During Covid 19 we had switched most of our capability to Personal Protective Equipment as most other sectors dwindled temporarily, We managed to secure ourselves in the sector supplying significant amounts of especially Nitrile Gloves. We all depend on physical commodities for the basics of everyday life for the electricity we use, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the homes we live in and the transport we rely on making this a key sector for Nomad Concepts Group.