International Private Placement Invitation Only

We offer the exclusive opportunity to our clients, funds and organizations not excluding governments to have the opportunity through Nomad Concepts Group, our subsidiaries and our USA registered companies and banking.

Our Invitation only, private placement, high yield, high return and exclusive access trades work hard across a multitude of international platforms to generate the best and swiftest returns for our clients. The trade runs through top banks, and once funds are transacted to our USA based trading account under Nomad Concepts Group, we do the leg work and deliver the agreed return on investment within a time frame back to you.

As soon as funds are transacted, we will organize the insurance wrap covering and securing your initial placement, limiting your risk. This is done through a Lloyds of London specialist insurance firm. Of course no one can guarantee the returns however, historically this has been consistent, achieving a 2x minimum on your placement/investment. Our minimum timeline trade with return is four months, however, can run for 7, 10 or 12 months increasing your returns. We also can work with you to develop 24 Month Plans turning tens of millions into hundreds of millions for you.

View the estimates chart short example chart below or download our PDF on this page. *Of course, we will issue a bespoke offer to you upon enquiry and qualification by our office or representatives based on your desired amount placed and time frame.

625,000 USD 125 Days (4 Months) Estimated -1,350,000 USD
1,200,000 USD 125 Days (4 Months) Estimated -2,400,000 USD
3,000,000 USD 125 Days (4 Months) 6,100,000 USD
4,000,000 USD 125 Days (4 Months) 7,800,000 USD
5,000,000 USD 125 Days (4 Months) 9,500,000 USD
6,000,000 USD 125 Days (4 Months) 13,000,000 USD

To date we have supported and engaged multiple individual clients internationally with a few trades still ongoing and are approaching several government clients. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss further.

We continue to drive this unique opportunity and usually aim at clients with excess of 1,000,000 USD of capital investment capability.

Nomad Concepts Group does utilize some of its profits towards the benefit of humanity through our development and humanitarian efforts capabilities.