Safety, Security & Training

Nomad Concepts Group Several senior representatives and operational teams are Ex Elite British Military Veterans. And the group is a predominantly Veteran owned and operated multi sectoral corporate group of companies. With vast experience working in security contexts worldwide, mainly working within Conflict, Post Conflict and Post Disaster Contexts. We pride ourselves on our strong deliverables, past experience, professionalism and dedication to our clients. Our personnel and Group have provided varied protection globally to include Protecting Ambassadors, War time Generals, Multiple Diplomats, Embassies, Media, Delegations, Presidents and High Net Worth Individuals. Within our Headquarters alone we have cumulative experience of 36 years especially in Close Protection Experience.

We have operated in: 

  • Malawi
  • Afghanistan – Multiple
  • Iraq – Multiple
  • Somalia
  • Haiti
  • Yemen

In addition have provided:

  • Safety training to over 350 NGO Staff working in difficult/high threat context countries.
  • Written comprehensive security plans to include American University Afghanistan after the horrendous attack.

We only deploy the highest standards, usually drawing from Ex Military United Kingdom – Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit CPU Longmoor Trained and experienced personnel, Special Air Service, Special Boat Service and Royal Marines. We do have counterparts from the 5 eye communities.

Nomad Concepts Group provides a more discrete and professional approach complimented with good professionalism and strong protocols and expectations for our employees and has remained agile within the sector, able to mobilize quickly, remain flexible and at competitive cost.

We understand we are not a huge security company; we are happy being more boutique, flexible, in the background and take pride in our work and put the clients safety and security requirements foremost.

Lastly our headquarters office does have the capability and experience to mobilize and support maritime operations, some of this we organize internally for our own shipping and logistics of cargo and fuel however we can of course offer this service to our clients should they require a contract mobilized especially for insurance purposes or vessels venturing into difficult/risk of piracy areas.