Women in Economy and Business

Women represent almost half of most country’s population and experience fundamental challenges, barriers and access difficulties, related to their participation in national economic development especially in developing countries. We wish to make an impact with our projects, funds and by working with other strong women in economy advocates. According to the Living Conditions Survey for example in Afghanistan 2016-2017, approximately 80% of men and only approximately 20% of women represent the active economic population. On average the estimated gross national income per capita for females was six times less than that for males. At the same time, the people of Afghanistan have begun to relise that the idea of turning women into active economic agents in business or employment is a large economy driver. Our organization has a strong focus on women in economy and have been delivering advisory and implementing in the first year of our company starting. 

We are linked to many women focused organizations, businesses and projects especially within Afghanistan and now expanding in Africa. We have also observed and learnt from the Private and NGO sectors on how to effectively promote women’s business and economy especially within a more complex environment such as Afghanistan and Some Africas. We have already bolstered women’s inclusion in business, assisted women’s business plans, market entry, delivered on women’s business trainings, invested in startups and been attached to a newly launched women’s Co Working and Incubation Hub within the Kabul City that generates approx. 10 companies per year and develops multiple female entrepreneurs and future CEOs under the NCG brand of SHE WORK.